Late Night Art Belfast, Thursday 2 March

LNABLate Night Art Belfast happens on the first Thursday of every month with over a dozen galleries opening their doors for an evening celebration of the vibrant visual arts scene in Belfast.

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Fully guided bus tour departs from outside the front of the Linenhall Library at 6.30pm and finishes approx. 9.15pm. Join this tour by booking through paypal on or by ringing the Townhouse on 028 90311798. £10 per person.


Or make your way around the galleries at your own pace. Here are just some of the highlights of this Late Night Art:


Engine Room Gallery
Donegall Square South

Interstice – Adrian O’Connell

Interstice, O’Connell’s new exhibition, transforms paintings into critical social commentary in an era of globalization and a growing new world order. His paintings examine the current trend of information gathering. In particular, elements of the recognisable barcode are metaphorically used to convey how one’s personal data may be collated to track one’s movements, patterns of spending and possibly in the not so distant future, indicate whom one may or may not vote for. The construct of the monochrome paintings reveal layer upon layer of under painting and palette knife work generating imagery that encompass multitudes of gestural marks, that at first glance render the work as abstract, yet on closer inspection, recognisable forms, shapes, and even text is unveiled. This method of drawing upon drawing covers the surface of the canvas and serves to intentionally corrupt the imagery.


Platform Arts Gallery
Gallery 1
Opening Thurs 2nd March, 6-9pm

Space in Time – Erin Hagen

Erin Hagan’s work is expressionistic in nature, and connects to a sense of mystery and spiritual complexity. She maintains a material process within her work without having preconceived ideas of what the outcome will be. This process offers a sense of encountering, finding or revealing.
Hagan’s work ranges from painting and drawing to installation and sculptural aspects. Space in Time will include her most recent works.

Exhibition continues until 25th March


Golden Thread Gallery
Thu 26th January – Sat 11th March
100 Works – Sean Hillen

“Sean Hillen works in a space even Francis Bacon would tidy, creates collages that would give someone with 20:20 vision a headache, and is as much a cultural institution as a working artist.”
Cora Burke LeCool in 2013

Sean Hillen: 100 Works is the first major solo exhibition of Sean Hillen in Northern Ireland, and is focused on his practice as a collagist, with works dating back to the early 1980’s.His distinctive images have been circulating in Irish visual culture for over 30 years. Having grown up in Newry in an intense phase of the Northern Ireland conflict, he studied in London at LCP and at the Slade School. His earliest works were art/documentary photos which quickly became source material to a series of series of paradoxically funny but politically-charged photo-collage works, amounting to around 70 made between 1983 and 1993, when he moved to live and work in Dublin.
In the Irish Times chief critic Fintan O’Toole wrote that they “remain the best expression of what it felt like to be in Northern Ireland during the Troubles”


Real Sketchy
The Green Room at The Black Box

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