Dissolving into Ambiguity | Lenka Davidikova and Sharon Kelly at ArtisAnn Gallery

4 to 27 May
Preview: Wednesday 3 May, 6.30pm

Dissolving into Ambiguity brings together works by two of Northern Ireland’s most interesting and captivating artists: Lenka Davidikova and Sharon Kelly, RUA. The artists have produced entrancing drawings utilising pencil, charcoal, ink, watercolour and pastels, that exude considerable strength, beauty and depth.

Sharon’s works, while both confident and sensitive, have a calm ethereal quality, while Lenka’s work is dynamic and challenging. Although the styles are very different, their work has a shared psychological depth and a sense of story that can be appreciated in this exhibition which combines their work in a single show for the first time ever.

Lenka’s artwork explores the idea of searching for an interpretation of the human condition through introspection and through complex relationships with others. In process, she is guided by the loose line which often leads to forms of an abstraction within the artwork. There is a sense of an attraction to alienated, displaced characters in Lenka’s drawings.

In this most recent series of works created in the studio, Sharon exposes to the viewer’s gaze some of her personal small-scale works on paper. Part meditation on memory, feeling and the thrust of contemporary life; part inner impulse and imagination, these images of familiar things – hands, bodies, faces – together with semblances of cloud and weather, overlap and dissolve into ambiguity.

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