How We Got Here | MFA Exhibition, Platform Arts, Belfast

12 to 20 May 2017
Gallery 1 + 2, Platform Arts, 1 Queen Street, Belfast

Amy Higgins | Aaron Yendall | Gearoid McGinley | Joey O’Gorman | Cathy Cannon | Rosemary Mcmillen | Dan Ferguson | Jessica Snoddy | Naomi Litvack | Rachel Alexander | Mary Gilfillan-Griffin | Vasiliki Stasinaki

In a show that reflects the current flux of the world, intermixing collage, multi-media, sculpture and painting, this group of emerging artists on Belfast’s first year MFA explore such diverse themes as the monstrous feminine, what is sublime, how we encounter the abject, and the validity and durability of memory. Our attention is commanded by voices from within the zoetrope: highlighting, celebrating and challenging society’s myriad of axioms.