Bbeyond Performance Monthly, Belfast

The next Performance Monthly will take place on Saturday 20 May on the rooftop of Studio 11, College Court, Belfast at 12 noon.

Continuing with an extracts from Hugo Ball’s Diary 1917 diary, this excerpt is from 14th and 19th May 1917.

‘…Modern mysticism relates to the Ego. We cannot get away from it. We are sick or have to defend ourselves. In the middle Ages people created anonymously. Who would publish books now if his name were not on the jacket?….’ (14th May)

‘….We tend to have scruples only about the performance, about the work and to disregard life and the individual as incurable. That, however, means reducing the artist himself to decoration, to ornament. People cannot be worth less than their works. We must take the artist at their word, that is at their externalised symmetries.

‘It is perhaps not a question of art but of the uncorrupt image’ (19th May)