The Honeymoon Suite | Juno Calypso at Golden Thread Gallery

1 June to 22 July
There will be a pre-launch tour of the exhibition with Juno Calypso at 5.30pm on Thursday 1 July

The Honeymoon Suite is possibly Juno Calypso’s most startling photographic mission. Dressed in lurid pastels and a wig, Calypso’s one-woman tour of honeymoon hotels defies the typical perceptions of gender and identity through an edgy prism of wit, humour and courageous vulnerability.

Since 2011 Calypso has used a fictional alter ego named Joyce to “reenact the private underlife of a woman consumed by the laboured construct of femininity”. The Honeymoon Suite is a continuation of the ‘Joyce’ series. In the Spring of 2015 Calypso spent a week posing as a travel writer at a couples-only honeymoon resort in Pennsylvania USA. She was granted keys for every suite in the resort where she photographed herself alone as Joyce.

Juno Calypso’s disconcerting way of presenting the body, generally her own body, to the public puts two fingers up at the male gaze and subverts Jean Claude Forest’s Barbella as a psychedelic comic-strip heroine. Barbarella was a hedonistic, free-spirited, interplanetary astronaut travelling the universe in search of love whereas Calypso’s Joyce protaganist is searching for something darker and more challenging.

Golden Thread Gallery, 84-94 Great Patrick St, Belfast BT1 2LU
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