Chimera | Jasmin Marker at Array Studios, Belfast

6 July, 6pm
Late Night Art Belfast

Jasmin is a visual artist whose primary material interest lies in the microbial kingdoms. Practically engaging with fungal and bacterial cultures, she seeks analogies to societal cultures, exploring relevant scientific concepts and their philosophical paradigms.

Chimera is the result of Jasmins two month incubation of the Array project space. In this time she has explored theories of Symbiogenesis, which suggest that long-term encounters between organisms have lead to evolutionary changes and even the creation of new species. The outcome manifests as a collage of Kombucha cultures; an assemblage of symbiotic alliances of bacteria and yeasts, which ferment tea and sugar to a lightly effervescent drink. Chimera draws from the idea that Kombucha’s journey from its origin in the Qin Dynasty to houses worldwide has produced a diversity of strains, affected by various cultural encounters along the way.
For this work, Jasmin has united strains from different locations and marked each origin by adding a natural dye in the brewing process. Cut-outs from each culture were re-assembled and organically seamed to produce imagery that reflects on symbiogenetic processes.

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