Susan Connolly Exhibition at QSS Gallery, Belfast

5 to 7 July
Late Night Art Belfast, Thursday 6 July, 6pm

The area of investigation within Connolly’s practice explores the ‘extendable paint surface’ and the provisionality this causes within traditional notions of painting. By asking questions of painting the concern lies in creating a space for conversation within the possibilities of the medium, rather than a model or originality for producing painted objects anew.

Doubt, boundaries and object-ness therefore become reoccurring themes within the visual outcomes. Most of Connolly’s recent research is looking at forms of slippage, both in materials and language, exploring the area of when a painting can no longer be called a painting and when is it just something else be it sculpture, installation or photography: falling into a theory or system of art which has been influenced by paint. Not quite a painting but not yet identifiable as something else.

Queen Street Gallery and Studios
31-33 Bedford Street, Belfast City Centre
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