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FRAMEWERK Presents: I am Sitting in a Vault | Christopher Steenson, Constance Keane, Richard Bailie

12th August @ 7:30pm

On Saturday 12th August 2017, Framewerk art gallery presents an adaptation of Alvin Lucier’s seminal work I am Sitting in a Room to a live audience. Local sound artists Christopher Steenson and Richard Bailie have collaborated to adapt the piece for the unique setting of a bank vault. Titled I am Sitting in a Vault, the event will take place in the old Ulster Bank Building situated at 431 Newtonards Road, East Belfast. Musician Constance Keane will perform the piece on the night.

I am Sitting in a Vault will highlight how positive feedback systems are used to shape our everyday circumstances. Lucier’s original piece uses positive feedback loops as a compositional device. A performer narrates a text alone in a room while being audio recorded. This recording is then played back into the room and again recorded. This process is repeated over several iterations until the sound of the performer’s voice is overpowered by the resonant frequencies of the room; unveiling the inherent sonic architecture of the performance space to the listener, and transforming the performer’s voice into a time-evolving drone.

Systems of positive feedback are present in various aspects of everyday life. Existent in the principles of the free market, as well as in the mechanics of social media algorithms, feedback systems encourage the accumulation of excessive wealth and the storage of copious amounts of private data. In turn, this process increasingly hands power to a privileged few. By using the unique setting of bank to stage the performance, I am Sitting in a Vault will invite the audience to reflect on how endless accretion of money and data, and the feedback systems that underpin these atcivities, influence our socioeconomic world and the present hierarchies within it.

The performance will be held at 7:30pm on 12th August 2017 at 431 Newtonards Road, East Belfast. The event is free, but there is a suggested donation of £5 to help the artists cover costs.

431 Newtonards Road
T: +44 7931 655155
E: framewerkbelfast@gmail.com
W: Facebook Event

Materialities of History | Ulrika Ferm at PS², Belfast

11 to 26 August

This exhibition is part of the BFI’s Britain on Film celebration of archive film, in partnership with Northern Ireland Screen Digital Film Archive and it is shown at PS2 gallery in Belfast. The gallery has recently moved to new premises that used to house the biggest Northern Irish Fishing tackle shop J Braddell and Sons Ltd.

The Materialities of History project approaches the Northern Irish film heritage from a Finnish point of view. The artist Ulrika Ferm, originally from a small coastal town in Finland, was invited to respond to the Coast and Sea themed films at the Northern Ireland Screen Digital Film archive. In her research Ferm mainly focused on the Northern Ireland Tourist Board collection, which created films that aimed to sell Northern Ireland as a holiday destination. Members of staff documented the region through stills and moving images, the films they created capturing various facets of life in Northern Ireland, its society and history, people and places.

Ferm’s practice is interested in archival structures and the way history presents itself through visual material found in archives. The exhibition displays both edited and unedited footage from the Tourist Board collection and some other stately funded film productions such as UTV’s Richer and Rarer (1960). Contrasting the narrative storytelling intended to sell Northern Ireland, either as a tourist destination, or a place for investment, the artist has edited excerpts that emphasise the intrinsic repetition and negating its rootedness in place and time.

The exhibition is curated by Mirjami Schuppert, curator in residence at PS2.

11 North St, Belfast BT1 1NA
T: +44 28 9023 5912
E: pssquared@btconnect.com
W: pssquared.org

Cinema Day 2017: Ghost World at Queen’s University, Belfast

28 August

As part of #CinemaDay17, the Naughton Gallery in collaboration with Us Folk, presents a special screening of Ghost World (112mins, dir. Terry Zwigoff, 2001). The film has been selected by illustrator Jacky Sheridan, who has created a limited edition poster to mark the screening, bringing her own style to a film that has influenced her practice.

Based on the cult comic book by Daniel Clowes, Ghost World tells the story of Enid and Rebecca, teenage friends facing the unwelcome prospect of adulthood and the uncertain future of their complicated relationship. The film will be introduced by Jacky Sheridan, in conversation with the Naughton Gallery’s Ben Crothers.

Limited edition posters are free to all attendees, and donations are welcome. All proceeds will go to the Women’s TEC, supporting training and resources for women to work in non-traditional sectors.
Please RSVP to art@qub.ac.uk.

Celebrating the diversity and scope of film exhibition across Northern Ireland, Cinema Day is an initiative presented by Film Hub NI (part of the BFI Film Audience Network) and supported by Northern Ireland Screen. See www.filmhubni.org for more details.

Council Chambers, Lanyon Building, Queen’s University Belfast

THERE’S THIS THING, THIS FEELING | Adham Faramawy at The Naughton Gallery, Belfast

10 August to 1 October 2017
The Naughton Gallery at Queen’s, Lanyon Building, Queen’s University, Belfast

Adham Faramawy (b.1981, Dubai) is a London-based artist of Egyptian descent whose work spans media including moving image, sculptural installation and print. The human body is central to Faramawy’s practice, approached as a primary, sensual site in which gender and sexuality are fluid. Live performances to camera are computer-mediated to create compelling, visceral, and sexually-charged works, displayed across a landscape of high definition flatscreens and sculptural assemblages.

Faramawy also engages and uses technology to discuss issues of embodiment and identity construction. He explores changes in perception brought about by the digital age, often drawing on the language of advertising, co-opting the special effects used to evoke desire for people, things and experiences.


Runes or Rhubarb | Damian Magee at Platform Arts

3 to 26 August
Opening, Late Night Art Belfast, 3 August 6pm

Predicated on durational explorations of subject matter drawn from everyday life, Damian Magee’s practice employs cyclical, repetitive and cumulative strategies as a means of critical engagement.

This exhibition continues Magee’s experiments with a unique transcript of a truncated story voiced by a Northern Irish man. Originally a spoken word recording, the phonetic construction of the text resists any clear narrative, instead it details fragmented words and sentences while articulating the local dialect of the narrator. This content has been the focus of some investigations into the complex malleability of language, particularly its social developments in relation to digital technology.

By employing various online search tools to examine the text, a catalogue of pictorial and textual data accumulate to provide the basis for alternative constructions of the transcript. These various manifestations present a springboard to wider examinations of the plurality of language, and the implications and influence of screen time on verbal and written forms of expression.

Gallery 2
Platform Arts, 1 Queen Street, Belfast, BT1 6EA
T: 028 9031 1301
E: platformbelfast@gmail.com
W: platformartsbelfast.com

The Chronotopes | Dave Loder at Platform Arts Gallery

3 to 26 August
Opening, Late Night Art Belfast, 3 August 6pm

The Chronotopes are devices and landscape structures deployed to disturb linearity. Antagonising at the scales of the Anthropocene where the human is implicated as a geological agent, these technical apparatus manifest affective alignments at a planetary resolution. The Chronotopes adopt the status of the monument, a category of spatial and temporal materialism with a linguistic comportment, to deploy a recalibration of space-time aesthetics. Only through nonlinear machinations is the sublime condition of Language comprehended in its authentic form, yet witnessed to have infected a materialism under geo-magnification.

Dave Loder is a Belfast-based artist-researcher pursuing a materialist philosophy of language. His art practice is manifested through the fabrication of technical objects that deploy alternative linguistic aesthetics and space-time conditions. He is currently following a thesis that proposes language as a parasitic entity, posing that language might be lying dormant in – or is capable of infecting – alternative materialisms. He has exhibited nationally and internationally in China, Spain and Germany, and has also presented research at Irish Museum of Modern Art (2015); the 56th Venice Biennale (2015), and dOCUMENTA(13) (2012).


Gallery 1
Platform Arts, 1 Queen Street, Belfast, BT1 6EA
T: 028 9031 1301
E: platformbelfast@gmail.com
W: platformartsbelfast.com

Celebrating 40 Years of Belfast Print Workshop at Fenderesky Gallery

3 August to 1 September
Opening, Late Night Art Belfast, 3 August 6pm.

This year marks the 40th year of BPW, celebrations begin with an exhibition of over 50 selected prints from the membership and the BPW archive including work in Lithography, Etching, Carborundum and Silkscreen.

Fendersky Gallery
31 North Street

T: +44 28 9023 5333
E: info@fendereskygallery.com
W: fendereskygallery.com

Diving Station | Colm Clarke at Eastside Arts Festival 2017, Belfast

3 to 6 August
Opening, Late Night Art Belfast, Thursday 3 August, 6pm

Diving Station is an installation by Belfast based artist Colm Clarke, set within the historic Templemore Swimming Baths. This new work centres around an audio installation and sculptural works that feature interviews, field recordings and material of the shifting legacies, architecture and ecologies around Templemore. Diving Station can be experienced in person, as an installation within the impressive building and at a listening post, situated in the grounds of The Bath House, around the corner.

Part of the Eastside Arts Festival 2017

Templemore Swimming Baths
Templemore Ave, Belfast

Gary Shaw Exhibition at The Bath House, Belfast

3 to 6 August
Opening, Late Night Art Belfast, Thursday 3 August, 6pm

Gary Shaw is a Belfast-based artist known for his bold and colourful geometric paintings. For the Bath House exhibition, Gary presents new drawings and sculptures originally inspired by images from a homemade holographic projector.

Part of the 2017 Eastside Arts Festival.

The Bath House
4 Glenmore Street,

E: thebathhousebelfast@gmail.com

W: bathhousebelfast.wordpress.com

Pictures | Brian Ballard at Eastside Gallery, Eastside Arts Festival 2017, Belfast

3 August to 16 September
Opening, Late Night Art Belfast, Thursday 3 August, 6pm

EastSide Visitor Centre is delighted to officially launch its new Art Gallery space with an exhibition by the renowned Belfast artist, Brian Ballard.

Born in Belfast, Brian Ballard trained firstly at the College of Art, Belfast, and then at the College of Art, Liverpool. He still lives in Belfast but spends long periods of time living and working on the remote and rugged island of Inishfree, off the coast of Donegal.

His artworks are infused with rich colours and textures. He paints directly onto the canvas with vigorous brushstrokes that leave their mark, recording the speed and the depth of the artist’s mind and showing the structural order, as well as the pictorial range, and using bold slashes of rich hues and subtle tones to capture the beauty in everyday objects.

This exhibition features a selection of paintings and drawings, including portraits of locals who are part of the East Belfast ‘Men’s Shed’ group.

This exhibition has been curated by the ArtisAnn Gallery, on Bloomfield Avenue, which is a 3-minute walk from the EastSide Visitor Centre.

Eastside Gallery
402 Newtownards Road, Belfast
T: +44 28 9045 8114

SUBSTRATA | Barry Mulholland at Creative Exchange Project Space

3 to 14 August
Late Night Art Belfast Opening 3 August, 6pm

The archetypal image of a building can be subtracted down to the basic shapes that make up the walls, roof and floor. In recognition of perspective Two Dimensional shapes and form can be simplified even further, to a geometric common denominator. Shapes emerge as non-structures but strangely recognisable as architectural forms. Utilizing construction and building materials SUBSTRATA attempts to extend the geometric into layered objects of interest. Aesthetic art objects, combining the veil of built walls and the veneer of material form.

Barry Mulholland is a Belfast based Visual Artist and studio member at Creative Exchange Artist’s Studios. Postgrad MA in Visual Arts Practices at Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT) Dublin, 2015 and BA Fine Art in Ulster University, 2012. Previous co-director of Platform Arts and co-founder of South Studios, Belfast. Awards include, the recipient of the 2012 RDS Taylor Art Award, Dublin.

Late Night Art Belfast coach departs from the Linenhall Library at 6pm, wil be visiting numerous art galleries/spaces around east Belfast including Creative Exchange. £10 for bus tour. To book the bus tour please contact Rhonda on 07742101036 or visit www.belfastarttours.co.uk

Creative Exchange Artists Studios
Portview Trade Centre, 310 Newtownards Road, Belfast, BT4 1HE
T: +44 28 9045 2299
E: creativeexchangeartists@gmail.com
W: creativeexchange.org.uk

Nebulae – 2 | Keith Sheppard at Arts + Disability Forum, Belfast

3 August to 8 September
The exhibition will launch, part of Late Night Art Belfast, Thursday 3 August, 5.30pm

Arts + Disability Forum is proud to present Reflections of Nebulae – 2, the second exhibition of sculptural forms in glass by kiln-formed glass artist Keith Sheppard. Keith’s exhibition forms part of Craft NI’s August Craft Month 2017.

Exploring the relationship between glass and light, and reflecting his observations and interpretation of Nebulae stars within the galaxies of the Universe, Keith’s glass art predominantly involves the infusion of metals into the glass. This process gives each sculptural form a further dimension of uniqueness and identity, enhancing the vibrant colourations.

These processes are transferred into Keith’s interpretation of the stars; depicting their existence, shaping their markings, clouds, and gases from their birth in Nebulae, to hot blue stars, red super giants and their eventual end in a Supernova explosion.

Arts and Disability Forum
109-113 Royal Avenue,
Belfast, N.Ireland BT1 1FF
T: +44 28 9023 9450
E: info@adf.ie
W: adf.ie