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Reception to Announce the Winner of The Suki Tea Art Prize, Belfast

Friday 9 June, 6pm
Official announcement at 6.30pm
Suki Tea HQ, 6 Twin Spires, Belfast, BT12 3JF.

The Suki Tea Art Prize offers professional artists a chance to win a two month, fully-funded, artist residency at the Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris, including flights, accommodation, studio space, a monthly stipend, and superb networking opportunities. The prize is worth over £4,000 and aims to provide artists with an opportunity to respond to a new environment and develop new work.

Courtesy of Suki Tea, and facilitated by the Arts & Business NI Investment Programme, Visual Artists Ireland initiated the prize in 2015. The prize is open to all professional artists resident in Northern Ireland and all Visual Artists Ireland members in the Republic of Ireland working in all visual art forms at all career stages. Colin Darke was announced as the inaugural winner of the £2000 prize at Stormont in October 2015.

Noel Kelly, CEO of Visual Artists Ireland said “It has been a great pleasure working with Suki Tea, Arts and Business Northern Ireland, and the Centre Culturel Irlandais in the development of this great opportunity. The winner will follow in the footsteps of well-known artists such as Vincent van Gogh, Paul Cézanne, Henri Rousseau, Pablo Picasso, and Henry Matisse who all spent at least part of their careers being inspired by the unique atmosphere that Paris offers to those seeking inspiration. The winner will enjoy two months during which they can engage and immerse themselves in a city that defines the word creativity for many.”

Of objects and me | Iiu Susiraja at PS², Belfast

2 to 30 June 2017
PS², 18 Donegall Street, Belfast

Of objects and me is a solo exhibition by Finnish artist Iiu Susiraja combines large-scale self-portraits, still-lives and film-based installations.

Susiraja’s work depicts the artist engaging in a variety of absurd activities in a domestic environment. She stages surreal situations in which a woman takes risks and challenges social stereotypes by exposing herself to the camera. Susiraja’s work is both humorous in its simplicity and unapologetic: her direct gaze challenges the viewer by contradicting what the work otherwise appears to be portraying.

HELLO MR | Survey Exhibition at Naughton Gallery, Belfast

1 June to 30 July 2017 | Opening: 1 June, 5.30
The Naughton Gallery, University Rd, Belfast

The Naughton Gallery proudly presents a comprehensive survey of the history of Hello Mr. magazine. Founded by New York-based Ryan Fitzgibbon in 2013, Hello Mr. consistently features an intelligent collection of articles, stories, interviews, photographic essays and reviews, starting meaningful conversations about the values and aspirations of a new, culturally inquisitive generation.

Celebrating and showcasing the diversity of gay culture, Hello Mr. is more than a magazine. It is a community of “men who date men”, starting new conversations about their interests, loves, hopes and fears. Whilst reflecting the varied experiences of gay men today, the magazine’s readership is much more widespread. Content is fuelled by reader submissions from around the world – ranging from interviews with musicians, artists and athletes to essays on notions of identity and progress – ensuring that Hello Mr. continues to maintain the universal relevance it has enjoyed since its debut.

To celebrate the launch of the exhibition, Outburst Arts joins Hello Mr. and the Naughton Gallery for a very special performance collaboration at the QFT about all things Manly. Hello Mr. LIVE presents: MANLY An evening of music, comedy and spoken word about masculinity, developed in collaboration with the Naughton Gallery at Queen’s and Outburst Queer Arts Festival.

Queen’s Film Theatre, Friday 02 June 2017, 9pm
FREE admission, booking required!

Bbeyond Performance Monthly, Belfast

The next Performance Monthly will take place on Saturday 20 May on the rooftop of Studio 11, College Court, Belfast at 12 noon.

Continuing with an extracts from Hugo Ball’s Diary 1917 diary, this excerpt is from 14th and 19th May 1917.

‘…Modern mysticism relates to the Ego. We cannot get away from it. We are sick or have to defend ourselves. In the middle Ages people created anonymously. Who would publish books now if his name were not on the jacket?….’ (14th May)

‘….We tend to have scruples only about the performance, about the work and to disregard life and the individual as incurable. That, however, means reducing the artist himself to decoration, to ornament. People cannot be worth less than their works. We must take the artist at their word, that is at their externalised symmetries.

‘It is perhaps not a question of art but of the uncorrupt image’ (19th May)


There is no accounting for tastes | Olga Dziubak at Bath House, Belfast

12 to 14 May 2017
Bath House, Glenmore Street, Belfast

There is no accounting for tastes is the result of a 2 week residency by Olga Dziubak in Bath House. Dziubak is a Polish visual artist working primarily in painting, performance and multimedia art. Thematic interests include: camouflage, the aesthetics of pop culture and of the military, physical and emotional gesture, shame and transgression, and political influence on life and visual culture.She often use visual archives to draw out facts, ideas, and images, relating these to contemporary issues. Olga explore the potential of painting and picture-making, and shift the borders between art mediums.

How We Got Here | MFA Exhibition, Platform Arts, Belfast

12 to 20 May 2017
Gallery 1 + 2, Platform Arts, 1 Queen Street, Belfast

Amy Higgins | Aaron Yendall | Gearoid McGinley | Joey O’Gorman | Cathy Cannon | Rosemary Mcmillen | Dan Ferguson | Jessica Snoddy | Naomi Litvack | Rachel Alexander | Mary Gilfillan-Griffin | Vasiliki Stasinaki

In a show that reflects the current flux of the world, intermixing collage, multi-media, sculpture and painting, this group of emerging artists on Belfast’s first year MFA explore such diverse themes as the monstrous feminine, what is sublime, how we encounter the abject, and the validity and durability of memory. Our attention is commanded by voices from within the zoetrope: highlighting, celebrating and challenging society’s myriad of axioms.

Paintings, Drawings and Woodcuts by Connor Maguire

10 to 22 April 2017 | Viewing: 15 April, 2pm
Framewerk Gallery, 10 Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast

Framewerk Gallery presents ‘Paintings , Drawings and Woodcuts’ a solo show by Connor Maguire.
The show is curated by Dawn Richardson and features a selection of paintings, drawing and woodcuts.

E:, T: +44 7931 655 155
Gallery hours: 10.30 to 6pm Monday to Staurday

Exquisite Corpse | Group Show at Goose Lane Gallery, Belfast

7 to 27 April 2017 | Opening: 6 April, 6pm
Goose Lane Gallery at Tivoli Barbers, North Street, Belfast

Participating artists -Aimee Nelson, Alexandra Hall, Aoife O’Connor, Cara Roberts, Ed Penny, Hannah Woodside, Jordan Gillen, Kate Ritchie, Lauren, Ciara McConnell, Leoni Hill, Lyssa Watson, Niamh McCann, Paddy McKeown, Sam Welsh and Sinead O’Neill-Nicholl.

Exquisite Corpse is an exhibition showcasing a selection of work that has been made by a group of students and artists in residence from the Ulster University. Each member of the group contributed a starting object which was passed onto the next person who responded to the object by adding to it materially and passing it on again. This process repeats until everyone makes a change to each object, resulting in a selection of pieces that have been worked on by everyone within the group.
Project and exhibition co-ordinated and curated by Drydan Wilson, Graduate Artist-in Residence.


Excerpts from Extraordinary Journeys | Martin Nangle at ArtCetera, Belfast

6 to 22 April 2017 | Opening: 6 April, 3pm
ArtCetera Studio, 43b Rosemary street, Belfast BT1 1QB

Artcetera studio is delighted to host ‘Excerpts from Extraordinary Journeys’, a exhibition by award winning photojournalist Martin Nangle. It presents a selection of images made during travels, projects and assignments across Europe, the Levant and the US.
The photographer invites viewers to experience his places, events and memories during a remarkable period of change from 1988 -2017.

Unafraid Red | Group Show at QQS, Belfast

7 April to 4 May 2017 | Opening: 6 April, 6pm
Queen Street Studios, 31-33 Bedford St, Belfast, BT2 7EJ

Amanda Coogan, Catherine Davison, Sinead McKeever, Gail Ritchie and Jennifer Trouton.

Unafraid Red is the first of four exhibitions showing the work of QSS studio artists, curated by artist Colin Darke. It will be followed by Unafraid Yellow, Unafraid Blue and Unafraid White. Recognising that the task of dividing twenty-three artists and twenty-three very different stylistic practices into four thematic categories would result in spurious relationships, Darke settled on assemblages based around colour.

A performance by Amanda Coogan will take place in QSS on Saturday 29th April 2017

T: +44 (0)28 90243145, E:
For more information please visit:



Get’cha Head in the Game | Group Show at The Naughton Gallery, Belfast

6 April to 21 May 2017
The Naughton Gallery at Queen’s, Lanyon Building, Queen’s University, Belfast

With work by Robert Crumb, Michael DeForge, Brian Finke, Riikka Hyvönen, Lilian Martinez (BFGF), Dougal McKenzie, Sean O’Connor, Paul Pfeiffer, Jody Rogac, Tom of Finland and Keenan Wells

Get’cha Head in the Game is an international group exhibition which explores the relationship between art and sport. From American football, tennis and basketball to skiing, weightlifting and roller derby, the exhibition champions sport and its players through various media.

Featuring work by sports photographers and artists who have been influenced by sport or who incorporate sports iconography into their work, Get’cha Head in the Game ultimately tackles larger cultural topics including politics, gender, race, sexuality and identity. The exhibition also presents a selection of independent sports publications, with contributions from FRANCHISE magazine, SEASON zine, SPRTS periodical, and Victory Journal.